An impetuous explorer searching for treasures in a long-dead city, living in perpetuation, not just impulsively, but passionately with desire. Finding out what makes me tic involves others to toc. They must join harmoniously like a yin and yang to achieve, if there is anything to achieve, if there even is an anything at all. Low on cynicism, high on curiosity to learn the meaning of words like “dimension” and “death” and “truth” and “fulfillment” and “love” through experiencing the tictoc without a verbal explanation, and all I have here is words to help me try…. I try… to be more… me. This is what I understood as truth. I was not the first to say “everything is connected” but I may be the last to experience that as practical (not conceptual) truth. In pursuit of this truth I need to step away from the ego I have created for me, and become the person I was created to be. I will be passionate, forceful, and completely uninhibited in this journey. I will be, for the very first time, the impetuous explorer.